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Managing Procrastination…

November 25, 20224 min read

What’s lurking behind those moments of procrastination? Do you ever ask yourself that question or do you just say, “I work better under pressure”? Procrastination may be present with your work obligations, with your home obligations, and even with your social interactions. Ever feel like you are putting off hanging with your friends and/or family for a deeper reason other than lack of time? Clinical research supports the theory that procrastination runs deeper than time management issues and it leans more towards an individual not regulating his/her emotions. I would like to encourage three tips to keep in mind when {that thing called} procrastination surfaces.

TIP 1: Don’t Awfulize The Task…

The definition of awfulizing according to Webster- imagine (a situation) to be as bad as it can be. Does this sound familiar to you? I know I’ve done some awfulizing in my years. I often remind myself that overthinking and being a perfectionist doesn’t look good on me…😂 LOL!! It’s important to remind oneself that although you are great, you do not know what other people are thinking of you unless he/she put his/her thoughts into words. Facial expressions are not the best form of communication because some individuals’ resting face appears as though he/she is displeased or uninterested. The following are some examples of awfulizing:

~If I get one answer wrong, I will never pass this course.

~ If I go to the gym, everyone will look at me and say I am too overweight. I’m never going to lose this weight.

~Something is wrong with me and everyone knows it and hate it when I am around.

~If I practice the lyrics to this song, practice my lines for the upcoming play, practice my music for the upcoming recital, I am still going to do poorly because I’m not capable of remembering my part.

Tip 2: Identify The Underlying Issues…

This tip is not an easy one, because it requires you to be vulnerable to the true meaning behind your procrastination. Clinical research shows that procrastination may surface in conjunction with mental health disorders. By no means am I’m saying that if you procrastinate that you do or should have a diagnosis. However, it is worth your while to check in with yourself to make sure the procrastination is not covering up another issue. Only you know you best. You deserve the time it takes to invest in your emotional self. Some of one’s underlying issues may be:

~ Anxiety

~ Depression

~ Fear of Failure


Tip 3: Get Comfortable With Discomfort…

Let’s face it guys, no one enjoys being uncomfortable. Fear is more than likely the culprit with procrastination due to the discomfort of the unknown. After all, who wants to have that difficult conversation with that hard to please child, spouse, relative, co-worker, manager?!? One of the common behaviors of procrastination is avoidance; for example, eating in the place of working. Ever been at your desk at work or in your dorm room and you know your paper is due in a few days and instead of typing, you are stuffing your mouth with those cookies or chips while telling yourself that you deserve this break? When the reality is that you haven’t even begun the assignment and haven’t earned not one break. 😂 LOL!! What you are doing is regulating your discomfort experienced due to the task {obligation} you are facing. Give yourself permission to:

~Identify how procrastination makes you feel…

~Identify when your procrastination is triggered…

~Expose yourself to those procrastination triggers…

~Follow the task through even when the unwanted emotions are present…

“Make Time To Grow Into Your Future Self”

Self-check-ins are imperative for self-growth. If something doesn’t feel right during those check-ins, look into those noticeable changes. Doing so requires identifying even those issues that you have written off as “small”. Self-judgments, irrational thoughts, shame, and/or unrealistic motivations may hinder one’s ability to get his/her procrastination in check. I encourage you to break tasks down, manage expectations, and reward yourself for your small victories!! Take time today to show yourself some compassion. Don’t allow guilt to keep you attached to your past moments of procrastination. It’s something called self-forgiveness guys and 👉🏽 👉🏽👉🏽YOU 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽deserve it!!!!!!

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