How does counseling help?

Counseling can help in many ways. Many people may just need a safe place. A counselor can help a person process and understand the situations, feeling, thoughts and goals associated with a decision. We do this in hopes of bringing clarity and closure.

How long are typical sessions?

Sessions vary from 45, 60, to 90 minutes.

What is teletherapy (telehealth/telemedicine)?

Teletherapy is video counseling done online with a live video connection. The client will have the option to have a telephone session as well.

Is teletherapy safe and private?

Our therapists use video platforms that are HIPAA-compliant, ensuring privacy and security. Unless otherwise informed, we will always use HIPAA-compliant platforms. Self Mental Health, LLC uses the following confidential platforms: Doxy.me, Simple Practice, and Zoom.


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