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Pushing Past Fear… To launch Your Greatness…

November 25, 20222 min read


Why does that four letter word called FEAR have such a great impact on us human beings?!? Okay, I have an answer… It is because we are EMOTIONAL beings… Personally, I almost allowed fear to press pause on allowing God to use me to assist others in their mental health journey… We are not those robots that are secretly being created, {LOL!} so they can take over!! But for real, we can not help the fact that our emotions get in the way of our logic… Most of the time those things called emotions have taken over {like body snatchers} before we even have a chance to realize it!! What’s most important is, once we realize that there is a foreign body present {FEAR}, we must act quickly!! So, these are some important cobblestones to heed to on the street called… Get~Your~Life~Back~On~Track:

  • Acceptance

  • Authenticity

  • Danger

  • Change

  • Awareness

  • Protection

  • Barriers


Greatness is not all that it’s cracked up to be… Or is it?!?Of course it sounds pleasing to the ear, but you must ask yourself who am I trying to appease?!? Am I authentically wanting to change for personal benefits or am I doing this for the crowd?!? If you are doing it for the crowd, that is the wrong choice. It’s important to protect your authentic self… Protection has to be for YOU!! It is imperative to ones mental health that you protect the sanctuary of YOUR mental self!! HOw do I do that?!? I am HaPpY you asked!! You protect your self mental health with barriers. Practice placing barriers around those situations that you know has caused FEAR to rise up {Because you have experienced them before}… There is SO much danger in revisiting poor decisions that cause you to feel anxious!! Stay as far away from them as possible… Awareness is KEY!! Please take the time to conduct wellness check-ups, so that you may be aware of what you are feeling… After awareness, acceptance should be showing up right around the corner… Accept the emotion and take some uninterrupted time to DEAL with it!! Dealing with those big emotions are not easy, but it is VERY necessary!! By no means is this drive smooth, but after enduring the bumps on the cobblestone street you will be well on your way to launching your GREATNESS!!

Shakia Fuller

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