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Social Effects of Substance Use…

November 25, 20222 min read

Social Effects of Substance Use…


Today smoking, drinking, and the use of drugs are very prevalent, which makes it hard to keep the substance use and abuse under control.  Substance use is seen among teens as well as adults.  I would say that peer pressure, stress, trauma, and curiosity are responsible for many under-aged substance use and abuse.  Among the substances that are abused are prescription drugs.  Substance abuse and use may cause teens or under-aged users to drop out of school and become a menace to society; the under-aged users may become problematic in their homes or may not show interest in everyday normal activities.  The use of psychoactive substances may be the cause of more deaths.

~Risk Factors~

Some risk factors for first experimenting with alcohol and drugs may consist of individuals becoming addicted to the substances. Using alcohol and tobacco at a young age may have negative health effects {both long term and short term}.  Teens and under-aged individuals may be victims of drug overdoses because he/she does not know the strength of the substances he/she may be using. Other risks are: 1) Increased heart rate 2) Decrease in body temp 3) Overworked cardiovascular system.  Personal relationships may suffer if an individual is using or abusing substances.  Individuals who are addicted to substances may steal from others or lie to support his/her drug habits.  Society, as a whole, suffers because of the addiction.


Intervention strategies for those individuals who use, or abuse substances are treatment centers, education on the different substances, support groups, and counseling sessions.  The individual’s family may threaten him/her into seeking help by saying they will not be allowed back in the family’s home if help is not sought out {Does the threatening method really work?!?} {Maybe… Maybe not}.  Once the individual is in treatment, a cognitive-behavioral intervention approach may be offered upon arrival which includes stress management, assertiveness training, anger management, dispute resolution, cognitive restructuring, and relapse prevention. Family support is imperative to an individual during his/her rehabilitation phase. Please, please, PLEASE be supportive if you know of anyone investing in his/her self~help journey!


There is a difference between drug dependence and drug abuse.  Drug dependence occurs when an individual has built up a tolerance to a drug and has the need to take more and more to achieve a high.  On the other hand, drug abuse refers to the using of drugs even though they know it is harming their health and well-being. Once an individual becomes dependent on a drug, he/she is willing to take the chance of dying or becoming ill because he/she must fulfill that urge.  Substance abusers may use socially, or he/she may prefer to use privately.  Social drug use may be found among the homeless, friends, or social gatherings. Please know: It is important to be present with family and friends to pick up on warning signs for those who may be abusing, using, and/or dependent on substances.

National Helpline Number: 1-844-289-0879

Shakia Fuller

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