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Taking The Unexplored Path To Your Mental Heath…

November 25, 20222 min read

Are You Willing To Quit?

There are times when the question is asked, “Should I just quit?” Quit what? would be the follow up question to ponder on… As individuals, we may find ourselves in uncomfortable and/or unpredictable predicaments. Some of these predicaments may consist of:

  • Quitting that dead end job

  • Quit being used in relationships

  • Quitting the wrong educational track

  • Quit being under appreciated

  • Quit being bogged down with worry

  • Quit being overwhelmed by saying yes

  • Quit feeling guilty for saying no

  • Quit having sleepless nights

The above list may sound easy to concur, but in all reality it may be a lengthy process to rid oneself of mental unhealthiness. I would say, the hardest piece of the quitting puzzle may be the acknowledging piece. For example: When you know that you love that abusive person, and trying to figure out how to detach yourself from being controlled. How do you form a strategic plan to make it happen?!? It’s important to move your emotional self out of the way {feeling like it’s your fault, feeling like your self~esteem is so low that no one else would want you, and/or normalizing the abuser’s behavior} and give your self permission to experience a difference.

Steps Necessary To Travel the Healthy Emotional Path…

As I mentioned in the previous section. One must give themselves permission to experience different emotional outcomes. Now theses steps are not always going to be comfortable. As that saying goes, change may not be comfortable or easy. After all, who wants to be single? Who wants to say no when they’ve grown accustomed to saying yes? Who wants to start a new job or college major? Who wants to acknowledge that they’ve been used for umpteen years? I’ll answer those questions for ya! NO ONE!! Okay, so now to those steps to an emotionally healthier you!

  • Put yourself first; it’s okay to put your needs before others.

  • Remember you are worth it! Don’t minimize your feelings.

  • If you are tired, get yourself some uninterrupted rest.

  • Always remember to practice mindfulness and self~care.

  • Remember that you can not MAKE a person change. Change comes from within!!

  • Allow others to show you appreciation. You don’t have to always be the one giving.. giving.. giving!!

  • Remind yourself that you are worth being HaPpY; engage in those life changes that promote growth and pro~active behaviors!!

  • Do not self-medicate {using substances or food to feel better} when experiencing big emotions.

It’s time out for being mentally unhealthy!! Let’s get on the right path!! You are worth it!!

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