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To Remain Empty or To Have Emotional Fullness.. Which Will It Be?!?

November 25, 20222 min read


According to the dictionary… Emp~ty means, containing nothing; not filled or occupied… Of course no one volunteers to go through life’s toughest situations which causes feelings of emptiness… We don’t stand in line {like waiting on that jam up Black Friday deal}with both of hands out begging for heartache… Personally, I feel that situations that result in heartbreak/heartaches arrives when they are least expected… When everything is peachy {going great} is when our guards are down and our hearts are WIDE open!! This is when those unthinkable situations ATTACK!! Those unthinkable situations that we can’t make go away even if we could trade a limb for it {Yes a LIMB}!! Please remember: You can not depend on others to validate what you are feeling…

Some of those unthinkable situations which causes emptiness may involve:

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Children

  • Husband

  • Wife

  • Substance {Drug} Use/Addictions

  • Grief

  • Terminal Illnesses

  • Mental Illness

During the Emptiness…

Listen guys, I cannot express how important it is to go through the acknowledging & acceptance phase during your feelings of emptiness… How do you formulate a plan of action if you are in denial? Yes, I said that forbidden word DENIAL!! I’ll be the first to admit, I have been in the DENIAL phase when faced with those unthinkable situations… Accepting what is as it is… Is a BIG step!! That BIG step requires much COURAGE!! The best advice would be to give yourself permission to feel what you feel… Acknowledge that you are feeling EMP~TY!!

Gaining Your Fullness…

Once you have taken a stroll down COURAGE LANE, the next step is to address those feelings that you have acknowledged and accepted… Being mindful is clinically proven to assist after those unthinkable situations surface… How do you practice mindfulness?!? Yup I just pulled that thought right out of your head!! Check out some of the ways that I practice mindfulness, and you can definitely add to my list {I am always adding things to it}

  • Take time to be alone to think/relax {I do this on a weekly basis}

  • Make a list of things that are weighing you down in your handy dandy journal {I keep mine on my nightstand}

  • Pray {I pray every day} {Some may replace praying with meditation, I do meditate as well}

  • Practice deep breathing exercises {I have a setting on my Apple Watch to remind me to deep breathe throughout the day ~ EVERYDAY}

  • Spend some time outside with nature or doing the things you enjoy {I do this as much as my toddler allows


  • Use thought stopping when those intrusive thoughts are overflowing {I do this as much as possible to keep my thoughts positive}

  • Always, I mean ALWAYS name the emotion that you are feeling {I do this daily, did it today}


“Emotional Health Is As Important As You Make It”

Shakia Fuller

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