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What Choices Will You Make Today… To Make Your Tomorrow Better?!?

November 25, 20222 min read

With each day comes new options… Decisions… Opportunities… Choices!! It’s up to the individual to choose to sit in guilt due to poor decisions made. On the flip side of that coin, one can choose to operate in self-love and forgiveness. Society today screams FORGIVE!! That word FORGIVE is DEEP!! Some will agree and some will disagree… I Especially feel that it runs real DEEP when it comes to forgiving yourself {been there and struggled with that}… I often ponder on the mysteries of forgiveness… Honestly, I believe that forgiveness affords one the opportunity to be free!!! Free from emotional bondage and shackles… Unfortunately, poor decision making involves many uncomfortable emotions. Some of those emotions that just doesn’t sit well with oneself may consist of:






The above list of emotions have the ability to leave an individual in a place of brokenness!! Let the truth be told, it’s not easy to outlive a poor decision… Have you ever asked yourself “What am I doing with my life?” “Why do I keep falling for the same stuff?” “Am I going in the right direction?” “Why in the world didn’t I think longer and harder about this?” The list of questions could go on for miles!! Remember self-love and forgiveness!! Forgiveness is not only geared toward others, but it is IMPERATIVE for SELF as well!! Please remember that!! One can be so bogged down with guilt, regret, shame, disgust, and anger that the new opportunities presented after poor decision making is missed!! Because we are emotional beings, poor decisions can leave one feeling bitter and lost… Physical symptoms/sensations may also be present when experiencing some of those monstrous emotions… Please be mindful enough to acknowledge those emotions and take care of your self mental health…

Give Yourself Permission To Be Imperfect…

~ Shakia Fuller

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